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Why are the badges covered on this NYIAS unveiled 2014 Buick Lacrosse?

Today on the streets of the Upper West Side of Manhattan I was startled by the rare appearance of this Buick Lacrosse test mule.

I find it to be incredibly rare to see automotive test vehicles or cars with manufacturer plates in NYC, so when I do see one, I tend to take a picture of it. But this one caught my eye even more than normal.


All of the badging on the front end of the vehicle was covered and the badging on the rear hatch was not only switched, but it also seemed that half of it, specifically the badging on the right side of the trunk was in a totally different language. Unfortunately with my iPhone quality pictures, you cant really see this.

It seemed as if there was a lot of the usual test mule stuff on the inside, such as computers to record data and all. I assume that they were just doing some normal city testing. But why take the time to cover the badges?

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